Founded in 1966, Industria Mobili F.lli Corazzin has always invested in research, technology and computerization.

Over 50 years after its birth, it is a solid company that today presents itself as a leader in the furniture systems sector. We are certain of the product we offer because the entire production cycle takes place within the factory and under our control, from cutting to drilling, from assembly to packing and shipping. In this way we guarantee not only the quality, innovation and design of the product, but also the prompt and professional service. A company philosophy that puts the customer first, through product quality, integrating craftsmanship with the automation of industrial production, because every little detail is a value that remains over time.


Inside the factory, the Projects and Research section examines the order through dedicated software developed for our business needs. This allows us to obtain the best design and work planning with cost analysis, identification of criticalities in production and assembly in order to better interpret the project, thus transforming every single element into an opportunity to create a piece of furniture of quality.

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Technological innovation

Latest generation systems that allow us to obtain the industry 4.0 certification, with the optimization of all the movement and flow of the panels which are managed and synchronized with the data of the company network.

Company - Corazzin

Artisan Knowledge

Artisan know-how and technological skills are not in opposition, we are rather sure that bringing them together means arriving at a perfect dimension.
Using technology and at the same time engaging with the hands, each one personally, creates a different energy that puts people, designers and product customization at the centre, in addition to the Company. Catalogs and models become only the starting point for creating new solutions. Each project, as it arises from a comparison, can be considered unique.

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Research in materials and quality in respect of the environment.

“Feeling at home” has taught us to modulate color contrasts and the search for finishes to design furnishings that convey the personality of the product in line with the surrounding environment. We design starting from the needs of those who choose us, proposing materials that express innovation and quality Material surfaces are combined with smooth surfaces free of paint, offering excellent visual and tactile sensations.
We only promote ecological products, combining material or colored “ecoline” woods with soft “ecolac” surfaces rather than glass and metal, in full respect of the environment.”

Company - Corazzin


Available in 4 finishes. Ontano, Light Wood, Style Wood and Dark Wood adopt a more marked cylinder, a range of colors with veins with color contrasts that increase the perception of the depth of the wood. The surface finish is engraved following the direction of the grain to make the wood even more real.

Company - Corazzin


Available in 15 variants. A range of colors ranging from pastels to bright colors. Called "Ecological Lacquer" it is an extremely innovative material. It is obtained from cellulose in a colored mass and pressed in a pearl finish. All this to obtain a natural product and at the same time perfectly homogeneous in color and soft to the touch. A structured, elegant, resistant and varnish-free product. The porous finish gives soft tactile sensations, making the product ideal for sophisticated, classic or contemporary environments.

Company - Corazzin


Available in two finishes: Perla and Cenere. The material visually reproduces the effect of lime. The use of several cylinders gives the panel the brightness and reflection of freshly pressed lime and the different shades of the plaster. A special plate impresses the material irregularity on the surface. Ontano adopts a cylinder with narrow and light veins that recall Oak wood, with a material finish typical of polished wood, in two soft color shades.