Wall system

The main protagonist of this chapter is the wall. The program deals with the need to contain and modulate according to the architectural characteristics of the house and obviously also to the functional needs of the personality who lives there.

Differently living

The set of formal features that identify a style are not fixed, but tend to change according to each person’s tastes. This chapter aims to represent different living solutions with bookcase, living room and mosaic programs, in which style and taste merge into a single expressive power.


Modularity and lightness, combined with the importance of detail and tailor-made design, guarantee the functionality of the rooms and the definition of the spaces.

Night collection

A quality project.
Bedside tables, chest of drawers and tallboys designed to be a true bedroom system. Many solutions that can be customized with the utmost freedom, in perfect aesthetic continuity with the programmes: hinged and sliding wardrobes with multiple types of walk-in closet, ranging from the modularity of the Prime model, to the Evolution Model with metal uprights and Seven with racks. A night project that accompanies a wide range of wooden beds, padded or upholstered with comfortable quilted caps. All production is 100% made in Italy, linked to concepts of environmental sustainability, using recycled components and a choice of innovative materials that exclude the use of toxic paints for humans and the environment. A made in Italy that blends innovation, culture and tradition in the name of quality.

Walk-in closets and wardrobes

We have been developing the walk-in closet concept for over 25 years. A sartorial and at the same time particularly professional product. The walk-in closet programs involve the side panel with the PRIME tall units, the metal upright with the EVOLUTION program and the rack system with the SEVEN model. These systems are transversal, each single collection expands the entire range to guarantee the designer maximum compositional freedom. The three programs ensure the realization on project, with the possibility of special solutions in height, depth, width and attic solutions.


The wardrobe is not just a container, but an intelligent, functional and structured project on the needs of living in the house, in which only what is necessary becomes essential. Innovating the wardrobe means molding it into a design element, suitable for any environment.

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